Welcome to Podclass! On your marketing, get set, go!

In this highly interactive digital learning experience, students work in teams to create a marketing plan and strategy around the launch of a new podcast. From rapid ideation to full-scale execution, students must craft their brand identity while producing compelling, insight-driven creative that generates real-world results.

What to Expect

Just some of what you can expect during the 30-day experience…

Leadership Positions

Students will choose leadership roles, including the selection of a team leader (CEO) and primary podcast host. Make sure there is a consensus on each position.

Podcast Topic

During sign-up, students must carefully consider the “4 P’s of marketing” when choosing among 12 podcast topics, such as sports, fashion, music, food and more.

Bonus Challenges

Students can compete individually in head-to-head marketing challenges to earn bonus points for their team. These challenges are designed to be completed in 30 minutes or less.  

Product Development

Students will apply various approaches to idea generation, prototyping and creative development for the first episode of their new podcast.

Marketing Plan

Teams will carefully craft a marketing plan that will outline their objectives, strategic initiatives, and tactics for the promotion of episode #1 of their podcast.

Social Media

Identify and describe market segments, develop a segment profile, and choose a target market strategy related to your social media campaign.

Real-Time Leaderboard

Our digital learning experience features a real-time leaderboard to track each team’s performance and enhance the competition.

Rank-Based Grading

Podclass uses rank-based grading to score each assignment. This type of evaluation should inspire your team to maximize its performance.

24 / 7 Technical Support

Students can communicate with us directly using the chat tool or message thread located at the top of the course homepage.

Easy-to-use Workflow

Our curriculum management system is a modern interface, featuring enhanced visuals and supporting videos to help teams effectively manage their assignments through a transparent and easy-to-use workflow.


After an assignment is completed, you will typically receive approval in 30-minutes or less. No points will be awarded on approval. Assignments are scored and points are awarded within 24-hours of receiving a particular assignment from all teams. 


Upload Assignment

Using the curriculum management system, simply upload the assignment in the correct format when completed.


Get Approval

Once we verify the assignment is completed correctly, your team will be able to move on to the next task.



Once all teams have completed a particular assignment, you will receive a scoring notification in your inbox.

Frequently Ask Questions

Please check out our frequently asked questions below for the answers you are looking for. If you are unable to find what you need, feel free to contact us directly using our chat tool located in the bottom right-hand of the page, or via email at info@podclasslive.com

How long is the experience?

The experience is typically 30 days unless your professor has provided you with custom dates.

How do we start the experience?

Click the “Start Experience” button below when your ready. All teams must sign up on the same day.

Who signs up on our team?

The team leader should sign-up for the team. You do not need to sign-up individually.

What happens After Sign-up?

After sign-up, a team username and password will be emailed to your team leader for everyone. 

Ready to get started?

On your marketing, get set, go!