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Entrepreneur and Co-Founder, as an advocate for education and technology, she is the driving force behind our architecture and strategic technology.

She is focused chiefly on building the company’s university partners and developing those relationships. Mary holds a Bachelor of Science (BS) from West Virginia State University.

Ryan W. (CTO)

Entrepreneur and Co-Founder, created “The Sponstour Music Experience”, a digital learning experience partnered with major record labels and featured in universities across the country.

Ryan has previously worked as a Digital Strategist for a major marketing agency and is responsible with managing our design and dev team.

College Student

Over 12,000 college students have participated in one of our digital learning experiences.


200,000+ bite size, big impact assignments have been completed by our student participants.


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According to students surveyed, 93% described our experiences as exciting and easy-to-use.

The Podclass Story

The Sponstour Music Experience

Brand partners such as Sony Music, Universal Music, and Entertainment One, gave students the opportunity to start and operate their own record label for 30 days in the classroom.

Using critical thinking and logical reasoning, students were challenged to make marketing and business decisions in multiple areas throughout the experience.  Utilizing artists and bands from across the country, students had the tough choice of selecting which artist or band to “sign” and promote. Using the latest in gamification and social media mechanics, Sponstour was gamified and served as a competition and incentivized learning experience to students.

The Messy Middle

What do superheroes and tattoo artists have to do with each other? Well, that is a great question, and the answer is “nothing”. This is a question our CEO once asked during a creative meeting as we were on a pivot combining two platforms into one.

The result was a new, fun, and exciting digital learning experience called “StellaINK 101”. Students worked in teams to create a marketing agency to handle the launch strategy of a new 10,000-square-foot tattoo studio.

Now We're Cooking!

In the fall of 2021, Podclass introduces “Podclass Kitchen”, our newest digital learning experience. In this highly interactive digital learning experience, students work to create content and a market strategy around the launch of a new YouTube cooking channel. From rapid ideation to full-scale execution, students must craft a brand identity while producing compelling, insight-driven content that generates real-world results.

Professor, Lance Gentry

University of mary washington

Throughout the creation of this digital learning experience, Podclass has relied heavily on the contributions of Professor, Lance Gentry. His input was invaluable, and we want to take a moment to recognize his him for all his hard work and generosity of his time and expertise.

Dr. Gentry received his Ph.D. in Marketing and Supply Chain Management from Michigan State University. In both academics and industry, Dr. Gentry has been surveying and evaluating respondents since 1993.

In previous experience, Dr. Gentry was directly responsible for market research as a Marketing Manager at Intel Corporation and as the North American Director for New Product Development at Philips Consumer Electronics Company. He also earned an MBA and a BSBA at the University of Tennessee.