Students will make a variety of creative decisions as they develop a new YouTube cooking channel and launch their first video. Their work will have a major impact on brand identity and increasing subscribers through strategy, marketing, and creativity. Successful students will carefully consider the impact of their marketing plan — and whether it is aligned with their overall strategy.


About Us
Length: 14 days (7 days for UMW Students)
Solo Mode
No student pre-work
Minimal faculty preparation is required

Deliverables include 7 required assignments

No professional-level video software or recording equipment is required


  • Marketing
  • Management
  • Advertising
  • Decision Analysis
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Leadership
  • Brand Management
  • Consumer Behavior
  • Design
  • Marketing Research
  • Public Relations
  • Culinary
  • Integrated Marketing
  • Communications
  • Customer Relations
  • Digital Media & Marketing
  • Strategic Marketing
  • Business

Student Experience

14 bite-size, big impact assignments!


WEBSITE – Make sure you review this Podclass Kitchen website in full before you begin your assignments. You will find some great information to help improve your performance and overall experience.

INTRODUCTION VIDEO – Watch this brief video before you start your assignments to learn more about our experience.


SIGN-UP – Ready to get started? Click on the sign-up link in the navigation on the first day of the experience to get started. All students must sign-up on the same day. You will receive an email sign-up verification within 15 – 20 minutes of sign-up. Once you are verified, you can login to access the assignments.

If you don’t receive an email verification, please check your spam folder, or contact us using our live-chat tool located in the bottom right-hand corner of every page.

INTRO QUIZ – After you have watched the brief introduction video and signed-up, take a short quiz to demonstrate your understanding on how the Podclass Kitchen experience works.


BRAND NAME – Create a compelling YouTube channel name that will appeal to your target audience and reflect your brand values.

TAGLINE – Compliment the new name with a strong tagline using a snippet or phrase that underscores and supports your channel name and brand message.

CHANNEL DESCRIPTION – Develop a YouTube channel description. Be sure to end your description with a clear call-to-action to subscribe. This encourages people to subscribe while they have your channel page open.


CHANNEL ICON (LOGO) – Create a primary mark (logo) and banner for your newly named YouTube channel. Channel Icons appear on Channel Pages, in the YouTube search results, and on video watch pages.

In this assignment, you may seek assistance from an outside source such as friends or family if you feel you need help to elevate your design.


COMPETITIVE ANALYSIS – Conduct a competitive analysis listing your competitors strengths and weaknesses. Identify their marketing objectives and what strategies they are using to achieve them.


SIGNATURE DISH – In this assignment, you will stay clear to your ideas and communicate your signature dish to us for approval prior to recording your first cooking video.


CONTENT CREATION – In this assignment, you’re making your very first video! Whether you’re a beginner or skilled creator, this process can be simple. You will find everything you need in the Podclass Kitchen to make great content. We will give you tips, tricks and trends to help you cook up a mouthwatering first episode!

After reviewing this assignment, you will be able to move on to the next assignment prior to completing and uploading your first video.


THAT’S A WRAP – Fight the urge to flake out on the last day and spend your time finishing any late assignments and tying up loose ends.

  • Upload your video (if you have not done so)
  • Finish any late assignments
  • Vote for your favorite channel
  • Complete the peer review

* FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS – For more frequently asked questions please visit our /FAQ page or contact us through our live chat tool located at the bottom of this page.