Design Rationale

In this assignment, provide us with a design rationale to accompany your YouTube channel icon concept incorporating the following topics:

Symbolism: Clarify and identify the meanings behind the icons you chose to incorporate into the design. Go into as much detail as you feel necessary, the history, cultural relevance, and so on.

Style: Why did you choose this style for the logo?

Typography: Explain why you chose the typefaces used in the logo. How do they relate to the rest of the design and the channel it represents?

Relationship: How does the concept relate to your channel’s personality, goals, vision, and values?

Color Theory: Explain the color choices. Why did you choose them? What does the color represent? How does the color choice relate to the new name?

Design Rationale Example

(The above design rationale is an example from a previous class using a different Podclass experience.)

Assignment Scoring

Scoring Criteria

  • Proper Format
  • All 5 Elements are covered in the rationale (shown above)
  • Creativity & Design
  • Spelling and Grammar

Once you upload an assignment, we will typically approve it in 30-minutes or less. You will receive an email notification letting you know the assignment was approved.

Once an assignment is approved, you can move on to the next assignment.

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The design rationale format should be similar to the example above. Please refer to the example as a guide on how to complete the assignment.

Due Date

This is a self-paced digital learning experience. Please complete as soon as possible to move on to the next assignment.