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Our team has ranked our favorite new UMW YouTube Channel Taglines.

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Favorite Tagline

  • Channel Name: Lizzy’s Cuisine
  • Channel Tagline: “Get Busy with Chef Lizzy”
  • Channel Creator: Elizabeth C.


  • Channel Name: 5 Minutes with Francesoni
  • Channel Tagline: “Cook, Eat, Repeat!”
  • Channel Creator: Gabriel F.

Top 10 Favorite Taglines

1) “Get Busy with Chef Lizzy” (Lizzy’s Cuisine) – Elizabeth C.

2) “Cook, Eat, Repeat!” (5 Minutes with Francesoni) – Gabriel F.

3) “It Takes a Mess to Make the Best!” (Messy Jessie) – Jessie A.

4) “Brighten Your Day with a Cookie Your Way” (Dough-N-Alright) – Theresa W.

5) “Hot Bakes in Hot Takes!” (Hot-Take Kitchen) – Shadae C.

6) “Delectable Baked Food Tutorials to Eat on the Beach” (Bombastic Beach Baking) – Alex B.

7) “Cooking and Comedy All in One” (Roastin’ with Riles) – Riley S.

8) “Delicious Camp Meals with Minimal Effort” (Tout De Suite Camp Meals) – Catherine A.

9) “I Find and Try Popular Online Recipes, So You Don’t Have To!” (The Recipe Hunter) – William C.

10) “Everyday Delights in No Thyme!” (Maddie’s Kitchen) – Madeleine-Riley J.

Favorite Taglines Ranking Explanation

Our team put 2-hours on the clock and debated our favorite UMW YouTube channels taglines. This was a challenge for us with so many great taglines to choose from. We selected ones that were short, catchy, and packed a punch! It was great to see the personality of the channel names reflected in the taglines.

Maximum Score – 100 points
Minimum Score – 85 points

Assignment Scoring

  • 1st place – 100 points
  • 2nd – 99 points
  • 3rd – 98 points
  • 4th – 97 points
  • 5th – 96 points
  • 6th – 95 points
  • 7th – 94 points
  • 8th – 93 points
  • 9th – 92 points
  • 10th – 91 points
  • 11th – 90 points
  • 12th – 89 points
  • 13th – 88 points
  • 14th – 87 points
  • 15th – 86 points

16th – 29th all receive 85 points

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